Back Popular Mac app 'Bartender' acquired by new unknown developer

Popular Mac app 'Bartender' acquired by new unknown developer

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Bartender is a popular Mac app that lets users customize and add new functions to the macOS Menu Bar. However, the app was recently acquired by new and unknown developers without disclosure, which raised concerns among current Bartender users.

As shared in an extensive Reddit thread, many users only became aware that Bartender had been sold to another developer after MacUpdater sent out an alert about the update to version 5.0.52.

“MacUpdater Upgrade Explanation: The company and developer behind Bartender was replaced in a silent and dubious manner – updates to version 5.0.52 and newer are your own risk and responsibility,” the alert reads. Users were worried since the app’s creator hasn’t said a word about the acquisition, not even the new developer.

Following the repercussions, a Reddit user identified as “Ordinary_Delivery_79” shared a comment representing the “new owners of Bartender.” According to the user, the app was acquired from the original developer two months ago, and now the team is working on updating the app’s certificates to re-sign it with Apple.

Truth be told, we should have notated it on the release notes but, since we could not update them retroactively, we included this fact on our blog & shared it with users as they emailed us. We’ve collaborated closely with Ben to understand his vision for Bartender. Our goal is to implement many of the improvements he had planned and address any reported bugs from the past few months to enhance Bartender’s performance.

Even so, it still seems a bit suspicious that the new developers only introduced themselves after all the controversy. Some users said they didn’t trust the app’s new owners and uninstalled it. Bartender’s official website has no mention of the acquisition.

Future plans for the app remain unknown, but users have a right to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

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